• Sweater Season: Schematics

    Sweater Season: Schematics

    [Pictured: the schematic from Felton, Spring 2020]    Okay, we admit it: we're both die-hard sweater knitters, and we think pretty much any time of the year is sweater season. But, both of us have a penchant for starting new projects in this after-holiday time, as a moment to reflect and start to focus on something a little longer-term after our frenzied needles knit...
  • Spotlight on Fall Creek

    Spotlight on Fall Creek

  • Greywind - The House Stark Tribute Cardigan

    Greywind - The House Stark Tribute Cardigan

    Winter is here! This design is for all my GoT-lovin' House Starkers out there who will never be ready to say goodbye GRRM's epic series, A Song of Ice and Fire. The pattern is available for FREE on Knitty.com (Winter, 2019). Woohoo!!! The easy-peasy yarn bundle is available for this project here. Simply click the size you want to make and the yarn totals...
  • Meghan's Top 5: Selfish Knits for 2020

    Meghan's Top 5: Selfish Knits for 2020

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    It's that time of year when the temperature plummets, the snow storms are piling fresh pile of powder on my doorstep, and all I can think about it knitting by the fire. It's around this time when my selfish knitlist bubbles to the front of my mind, so I thought I'd share with you my top 5 wishlist knits to make in Forge and Weld.  1. The...
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