Accessing Digital Patterns from H+W

At long last, we've gone all digital with our patterns, and we're thrilled! We're saving some trees, getting you knitting your projects even faster, and reducing our exposure to the inevitable ongoing 2021 shipping chaos, and doing it while continuing to provide 100% of digital sales revenue to our indie designer friends, wherever you buy our patterns. We often get questions about how to download your patterns, so, here's a quick FAQ to help get you on your way. If these techniques don't work for you or you still have questions, just send us an email.

Option 1: Download from the Checkout Page

After you complete the checkout process, you'll see the familiar order confirmation screen. If you've ordered either patterns alone or patterns and yarn, you'll see a black button appear above your customer information, which says "Access Digital Content." Click that button, and the following screen will appear.

Click the links to download your patterns, and you're off to the races. You'll be able to access this same process from your order confirmation email as well, by clicking the blue "View Your Order" button.

Option 2: Download from the Pattern Delivery Email

Separate from your order confirmation email, you'll also receive an email with links to download your patterns. It should look something like this, and the subject line will read "Your Hudson and West Co Patterns." 

Follow the instructions in the email and click the link to download your patterns, and start your project!
Despite our best efforts to eradicate them, errata happen, and when patterns are updated, you'll get an update email from us, just as if you had purchased the pattern on Ravelry. When and if that happens to a pattern you've purchased, just click the download link in that email to get the updated version.
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