• Meghan's Holiday Gift Guide Picks

    Meghan's Holiday Gift Guide Picks

    The time crunch is real. It's that time of year where the days are literally and figuratively so short that my gift-knitting time seems to evaporate. Nevertheless, I've pulled together my most-coveted quick knits, gift list for the people I love the most. The only problem is I kind of want them for myself, too!  For Mom: Sangaku by Melanie Berg Image by Melanie...
  • H+W's Holiday Giftalong

    H+W's Holiday Giftalong

    It's that time of year: our needles are busy with gift knits, and we know many of yours are too. Deadlines are always better in a group, so we thought we'd provide a little extra motivation to share those gift-knit projects on Ravelry and Instagram over the next month by having a Giftalong of our own! The rules are really simple (we like it...
  • Our Picks from the Indie Designer Giftalong

    Our Picks from the Indie Designer Giftalong

    It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year: Ravelry’s Indie Designer Giftalong! Every year, a sizable chunk of the independent designer community comes together to run a massive knit-along (and crochet-along) to make holiday gifts with some of the amazing patterns coming out of the indie design world. At H+W, we love independent designers (and, hey, we’ve both been independent designers), who...
  • A/W 2019 Closeups: The Brooklyn Hat

    A/W 2019 Closeups: The Brooklyn Hat

    Now that we've had a minute to breathe post-launch, we wanted to take a closer look at the patterns from our Autumn/Winter 2019 collection, and let you hear a little more from the designers behind them about their inspiration, key techniques, and some color ideas (since we love our naturals, but, there's a whole dyed range out there, too!). For our first go, I...
  • Making Forge + Weld

    Making Forge + Weld

    Both Forge and Weld are spun at Battenkill Valley Fibers in Greenwich, New York, by Mary Jeanne Packer and her team. MJ is an industry veteran who has spun many of our favorite small-batch yarns, so she was an obvious choice to partner with when we were looking for a mill (and we admit it: we’re also pretty into the fact that she’s a...
  • It Starts With Wool

    It Starts With Wool

    As knitters and designers, we understand that how our yarns behave in your hand and in your finished garments is their most important characteristic. Lots of tiny choices along the way go into producing that particular hand feel and that particular kind of finished garment, however, and we want you to be able to understand both how our yarns are made and why they...
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