Call for Submissions: Deep Winter 2022

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Submission Theme:

The Mountains are Calling. What would you pack for a winter trip to the mountains? Your favorite cabled pullover? A long cozy cardigan? That colorful yoked sweater?

For our Deep Winter 2022 collection we’re heading to the mountains, drawing inspiration from the great American ranges from east to west. Whether you’re moved by the rolling Blue Ridge Mountains of the Southeast or the jagged snowcapped Tetons of the West, we’re excited to see what cables, textures, and colorwork are evoked by these ancient and magnificent landscapes.

The design questions we always ask ourselves are always “What makes me feel like me? What makes my partner, parents, and loved ones feel the same?” For this collection we’re looking for cabled, textured, and colorwork designs focusing on comfort and universal wearability. Think about cabled pullovers, colorwork yokes, and long cardigan dusters with handlevel pockets. We’re always looking for next great hat, scarf, or cowl with polished cast ons and seamlessly flowing rib-to-cable transitions.

Most of all, we’re interested in what inspires you looking into Deep Winter ’22. We’re lovers of traditional knitwear refreshed for modern life, which runs from an updated-classic cabled pullover to fresh applications of stranded, intarsia, and mosaic colorwork. We love beautiful finishing work and thoughtful details like tubular cast ons and bind offs and thoughtful tailoring, and think of them as signature elements of Hudson + West designs. We believe—deeply—in clear, high quality pattern writing that helps knitters reach new horizons in their work, and place a premium on designs that provide new spins on classics of the knitter’s wardrobe, elevating classic ideas with improved techniques or approaches that make them both more knittable and more wearable.

We hope this mood board sparks your imagination, and gives you a sense of what animates us as we look into Deep Winter ‘22. We’re seeking a small number of size inclusive pullovers and cardigans for all people, scarves, shawls, and, of course, hats! We love a good beanie.

At Hudson + West Co., we think great yarn and great design are for everyone, and we’re committed to inclusion in all aspects of our work. We welcome
designers of all races, ages, nationalities, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and sizes, and we expect our partners
and collaborators to do the same (and yes, this includes pattern grading). We’re trying to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

The Details:

Submission Deadline: Sept 21, 2021

Sample and Pattern Deadline: Nov 16, 2021

Compensation: Hudson + West Co. pays a flat fee based on the design. Additionally, designers receive 100% of all Ravelry sales.

Rights and Important Legal Info: Hudson + West Co. is committed to compensating our designers and sharing in the upside of great design. We pay a flat rate for the initial design and sample, and provide tech editing, layout, and photography. We keep the print rights to the pattern, and we give designers 100% of the Ravelry sales of the pattern going forward, which feels like an “everybody wins” setup to us. We’ll keep samples for a period of time after publication so that we can use them for trunk shows, but will then return them to you. We’re small and nimble and happy to work out details on a case by case basis, but Sloane practiced law for a long time, so we write paper contracts. For everything.

Submission Requirements: All requirements for submission are included in our moodboards. All submissions are required to include your legal name, preferred pronouns (if desired), a detailed sketch, swatch photos, schematics, intended size range, and an estimated yardage for sample. All incomplete submissions will not be considered.

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