Mistakes happen, but we're doing our best to correct them. All digital patterns are updated as soon as errata is detected. New versions are automatically sent out to Ravelry purchasers. If you think you've discovered errata in one of our patterns and the correction isn't listed here, please email us at

A/W Fall 2019 Errata 

Bridge Street by Lana Jois (Print v.1):
Body Chart is missing the 16 st repeat box over stitch columns 4-19.

Chart B, Rows 31-34, the charted knit (white) stitches in-between the central cable stitches should be purl (gray) stitches for reverse stockinette stitch, as seen in Chart A. 

Brooklyn by Meghan Babin (Print v.1):
When transitioning from twisted brim rib (on US 4 [3.5 mm] circ) to cable section, change to US 6 [4 mm] circ. 

Middagh by Emily Greene (Print v.1):
The tubular cast on direction for the Body (p.4) and Sleeves (p.8) should read:
Row 5 (RS): * k2, sl2wyf; rep from * to last 2 sts, k2.
Row 6 (WS): * sl2wyf, k2; rep from * to last 2 sts, sl2wyf.

Chart Key:
The chart key should read "sl 2" for all cable directions. 

The Sleeve directions on p.7 should read: 
Work new sleeve sts into 2x2 ribbed pattern; substitute LLPI & RLPI increases on rows where new sts need to be purled to maintain established pattern. Work outlined chart repeat rows a total of 3 times. After you have worked row 28 of chart, you may remove markers on following row and work all sts in 2x2 rib patt as established.

Washington by illitilli (Print v.1): 
Updating wording for clarification, Cast On for Shoulder and Fronts: 
Row 14: rep Row 12. The second Garter Ridge Stitch rep is now complete.
Next Row (RS): k1, BLCO-L, work Garter Ridge Stitch to CM, BLCO-R, sm, k1, BLCO-L, work Garter Ridge Stitch to last st, BLCO-R, k1 — 4 sts inc’d.
Next Row (WS): p1, work Garter Ridge Stitch to last st, p1.
Work these two rows to complete 6 (7, 7, 7) more reps of Garter Ridge Stitch — 8 (9, 9, 9) reps complete in total — 168 (196, 196, 196) sts inc’d; 291 (319, 319, 319) sts on needle — then work Rows 1-6 (1-8, 1-8, 1-8) of the next rep — 12 (16, 16, 16) sts inc’d; 303 (335, 335, 335) sts on needle. 



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