• Calling all Designers!

    Calling all Designers!

    We're sending out our Call for Submissions this week for our Autumn/Winter '21 collection! Sign up for our Designer Email List here and you'll receive our moodboards in your inbox soon! For this Autumn/Winter ‘21 collection, we’re looking for cables, textures, and colorwork inspired by ceramics. A sister craft to the fiber arts, ceramics + pottery takes raw materials to create a stunning and functional work of usable...
  • Sloane's Elfriede FO + Forge Shawls for Newbies

    Sloane's Elfriede FO + Forge Shawls for Newbies

    Funny things happen when I'm between major-project deadlines. (Those of you who have known me a while know the result is usually random burst of hat designs between mid-October and late-November.) This fall, after I finished the sample for Marley, I thought I should finally try to do a little bit of that selfish knitting I promised myself I would start doing this year,...
  • Call for Submissions: Autumn/Winter 2020

    Call for Submissions: Autumn/Winter 2020

    Hello, Designers!  It's that time again! Our Autumn/Winter 2020 collection is inspired by Sloane's colorful and eclectic hometown, San Francisco. For this collection we're seeking city chic knitwear garments and accessories that translate from the workplace to weekend. We're thinking about the modern workplace, which encourages a comfortable, self-expressive, but polished wardrobe. If you're not already signed up for our designer mailing list head...
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