On Roe, the NAF, and Our Actionable Steps Forward

Like many of you, we have been heavy with grief and frustration at the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs. In a lot of moments, that grief and that frustration has felt overwhelming and paralyzing. It feels fresh and raw and confused, full of anxieties about other rights at risk and rage at a decision that feels like a raw attack on our equality and personhood. A decision that feels that way because that’s what it is.

But beyond that grief, there is so much work to do, and much of it cannot wait. Many, many people are actively in need of abortion care and have been left in the lurch by Friday’s ruling and the immediate changes in many states’ laws. Many more will need help accessing care in states where abortion remains legal but is challenging to access. The National Network of Abortion Funds’ Collective Power Fund gets resources directly to those most in need, helping pay for abortion care for pregnant people who cannot afford to do so, and providing logistical and financial assistance with travel, childcare, and language services to overcome barriers to access to care. There is so much to do in the days and weeks ahead, in working to protect voting rights, to advocate for legislative solutions at the state and national level, to organize for state-level elections that would give us a chance at fighting partisan gerrymandering, and so much more, but we’re starting here, by helping get money and resources to people in urgent need, right now. As a small step in the right direction, we’ll be donating 20% of our sales to the CPF over the next week, and matching those donations 2:1. If you’re moved to join us but yarn isn’t on your list right now, please click the link in our bio to contribute directly to NAF and the CPF through the fundraiser we’re hosting on Instagram. 

Hard days are ahead for all of us, but that difficulty will not be evenly distributed, and it will fall hardest on those least able to bear it. We firmly believe that it is on those of us who can to find our way out of the morass and take concrete steps to do the next right thing, and we hope you’ll join us.

With love, 
Sloane + Meghan

Read more from Sloane here, where she's shared her own opinions and experiences working as an abortion rights lobbyist on the Hill (in her pre-lawyer/pre-yarn company owner days) representing healthcare providers in the Title X network.

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