• Sweater Season: Schematics

    Sweater Season: Schematics

    [Pictured: the schematic from Felton, Spring 2020]    Okay, we admit it: we're both die-hard sweater knitters, and we think pretty much any time of the year is sweater season. But, both of us have a penchant for starting new projects in this after-holiday time, as a moment to reflect and start to focus on something a little longer-term after our frenzied needles knit...
  • Glenwood: A Q+A with Cheryl Toy

    Glenwood: A Q+A with Cheryl Toy

    Glenwood by Cheryl Toy Over the last month since our Spring 2020 collection premiered we've been getting questions about Glenwood, the popular pullover designed by Cheryl Toy. This garment features unusual construction with a lot of wearability. We thought we’d take your questions as a great excuse to ask Cheryl a bit about herself, the design, and the historic city of New Orleans where...
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