• Sloane's Elfriede FO + Forge Shawls for Newbies

    Sloane's Elfriede FO + Forge Shawls for Newbies

    Funny things happen when I'm between major-project deadlines. (Those of you who have known me a while know the result is usually random burst of hat designs between mid-October and late-November.) This fall, after I finished the sample for Marley, I thought I should finally try to do a little bit of that selfish knitting I promised myself I would start doing this year,...
  • #WIPWednesday: Sloane's Raven-on-Fawn Kuffel

    #WIPWednesday: Sloane's Raven-on-Fawn Kuffel

    Just after Chart B... After doing zero selfish knitting for...years, I seem to have caught the bug! I started my Kuffel while I was blocking the body of my Cozy Classic Raglan a few weeks ago, and I'm now finished with the second colorwork section and cruising through the final sets of short rows and increases. I'll own a little bit of "widest point of...
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