• Spotlight on Lomond + Alternate Colorways

    Spotlight on Lomond + Alternate Colorways

    As some of you who have joined our Thursday virtual knit nights know, my mom is working on her very own Lomond pullover (and is almost done!). Mom's making hers in the original colorways in Weld (with Fawn as the MC and Charcoal and Red Feather for the CCs), but as we've gotten more of our favorite Weld shades back in stock, I've been dreaming...
  • Spotlight on Fall Creek

    Spotlight on Fall Creek

  • Spotlight on: Soquel

    Spotlight on: Soquel

    Soquel by co-founder Meghan Babin We've been taking a closer look at some of our Spring 2020 designs lately, including Cheryl Toy's wonderful Glenwood pullover, and my Felton cardigan. This week, I got a chance to interview Meghan about her wonderful menswear pullover, Soquel, which had been in the works since our very early days. Tell us a little about yourself, Meghan! How’s quarantine...
  • Glenwood: A Q+A with Cheryl Toy

    Glenwood: A Q+A with Cheryl Toy

    Glenwood by Cheryl Toy Over the last month since our Spring 2020 collection premiered we've been getting questions about Glenwood, the popular pullover designed by Cheryl Toy. This garment features unusual construction with a lot of wearability. We thought we’d take your questions as a great excuse to ask Cheryl a bit about herself, the design, and the historic city of New Orleans where...
  • The H+W Spring 2020 Collection is here!

    The H+W Spring 2020 Collection is here!

    Cabrillo by Mary Anne Benedetto Just a month (or eternity) ago we were hiking through the Redwoods and overlooking the Pacific bluffs to capture our Spring 2020 collection. Together with our dear friends from Harper Point Photography, we were lucky to enjoy those few precious days together doing something we love — creating a beautiful collection of knits to share with you.  Sunset Slouch by Meghan Babin We had...
  • Red Wing: A New FREE Hat for Spring

    Red Wing: A New FREE Hat for Spring

    RED WING by Meghan Babin Hello, everyone! It's been a wild few weeks. It seems impossible that just two weeks ago we were in Northern California shooting our Spring 2020 collection with our friends from Harper Point Photography. Since then, the world as we know it has turned on its head, and we thought that sharing a pattern early from our new collection was just...
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