• Schematics for YOU!

    Schematics for YOU!

    Top Left: Marley by Sloane Rosenthal; Bottom Right: Jackson by Meghan Babin As a knitter there is really nothing worse than making an entire sweater only to realize it wasn’t what you’d hoped it to be. It’s happened to most of us and is a heartbreaking moment. While we’re not able to feature our sweaters on a vast range of models like your favorite...
  • FO Friday: Meghan's Kuffel

    FO Friday: Meghan's Kuffel

    Meghan's FO: Kuffel by Alexis Winslow Wow. It's been a crazy few weeks, right? Life has changed for all of us dramatically, but, at least for myself, I'm settling into this new normal, which includes A LOT more knitting time. That being said, I finished my Kuffel in record time!  (Fini!! In case anyone is wondering: H+M Airy Shirt Dress, H+M High Waist Jeggings, Buffalo Wool Co. Outback,...
  • WIP Wednesday: Meghan's Kuffel Update (Social Distancing, Day ???)

    WIP Wednesday: Meghan's Kuffel Update (Social Distancing, Day ???)

    Kuffel by Alexis Winslow Turns out I've been preparing for social distancing my entire life. I'm an introvert with extrovert capabilities, but staying home for weeks with my knitting, Netflix, and a list of podcasts hasn't been unmanageable...so far. My new WIP, Kuffel by Alexis Winslow, is growing exponentially after my first week of doing little else but knit. Truth be told, I had an entirely different post...
  • Finished Objects: Meghan's Star Crossed ✨

    Finished Objects: Meghan's Star Crossed ✨

    Meghan's Star Crossed in Forge + Weld  It's been a whirlwind month of knitting, but my Star Crossed by Jacqui Cieslak (@jacquelinecieslak) is finished! Emme's (@rocksteadyemme) gorgeous test knit of Star Crossed in Forge in our fawn colorway and Spincycle Dream State inspired me to immediately cast on a Star Crossed of my own!   Ever since I finished my test knit for Stagleap, I've been itching...
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