Finished Objects: Meghan's Star Crossed ✨

Meghan's Star Crossed in Forge + Weld 

It's been a whirlwind month of knitting, but my Star Crossed by Jacqui Cieslak (@jacquelinecieslak) is finished! Emme's (@rocksteadyemme) gorgeous test knit of Star Crossed in Forge in our fawn colorway and Spincycle Dream State inspired me to immediately cast on a Star Crossed of my own!  

Ever since I finished my test knit for Stagleap, I've been itching to make a sweater for myself in Raven, so this project popped up at the perfect time. A black sweater might seem daunting, but ever since I started knitting with black yarn I've been actually wearing my handknits more than ever. Why? Because they actually match my unintentionally very New York wardrobe. It's really quite a revelation to make clothing that isn't in just a color I appreciate, but actually wear regularly. 

Although Spincycle Dream State is quite dreamy, I wanted to try holding together our Weld in two different colors for a marled look. Naturally, I selected aspen and ash, our natural white and gray, for the marl to contrast with all that delicious black. It turns out Weld x2 is a bit puffier than Forge, so I ended up using the same needle size throughout, instead of changing to a smaller needle for the colorwork, as the pattern recommends. It turned out just right! 

Weld held doubled in Ash + Aspen 

In process, it became clear that I needed to lengthen my Star Crossed for max comfort and wearability. Tunic length sweaters with cowls are my jam, so I worked the body to 19" [48 cm] before dividing for the front and back. This way the colorwork hem doesn't land on the widest point of my apple-shaped body, and instead pulls the eye downward. I've been styling my Star Crossed with a comfy black skater dress and leggings, as to not pull attention away from all that lovely colorwork at the hem.  

Friday at the Met

This sweater has already become a staple in my rotation, and I can totally see myself not only wearing it weekly, but easily become one of the sweaters I pull on over my pjs for cozy knitting time at night. 

Hot Tip: The lighting at the Met is the perfect place for FO photography.

What can I say other than I highly recommend both the pattern and making it in Forge + Weld x2! If you're all interested in one of our easy yarn bundles for this design, let us know and we can set it up on the site!  

Notably, it gives me all the feels to see a plus-size activist designer like Jacqui Cieslak (@jacquelinecieslak) creating beautiful patterns and photography that are universally embraced. As a plus-size knitwear designer, I've largely shied away from designing for myself, which I've come to realize deeply damaged my own feeling of self-worth, as well as reinforced the stigma of fatphobia. Knitting a gorgeous sweater by a plus size designer has not only given me a beautiful new sweater I'll cherish, but has also been an act of self love and embracing who I am as I am. 



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