Spotlight On: Craghill Kits!

At Hudson + West Co., we strive for modern and approachable knits for our collections, including fresh and fun shawl designs. Craghill by Cheryl Toy, from our Deep Winter 2020 collection, turned out to be the perfect complement to the rest of our colorwork pieces. It's been a fan favorite on the site and at Stitches West this past weekend. 

While we love the original color combination, we started dreaming up a few alternate colorways during the show this weekend. Our new bundle feature makes assembling yours a snap—just select the colors you want from the Craghill print pattern page (main color first, then each of the two contrast colors), and the bundle (including yarn + print pattern) will be added to your cart. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for this fabulous shawl:

1. Redtail 

Red Feather (MC), Charcoal (CC1), and Fawn (CC2)

2. Marine

Midnight (MC), Juniper (CC1), and Ash (CC2)

3. Highlands

Midnight (MC), Gold Leaf (CC1), and Fawn (CC2)

4. Cambridge

Midnight (MC), Barn Red (CC1), and Ash (CC2)


Happy Knitting, 


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  • Posted on by Wendy Page
    Craghill pattern-

    Chart a left, end of row 1–there should be another K1 at the end of the row to keep the consistency of the edge. The pattern is so much fun to knit!

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