• Sweater Season: A warren of Warrens

    Sweater Season: A warren of Warrens

    One of the most fun—and the trickiest—parts of colorwork is picking colors. There are so many choices! High contrast, low contrast, analogous colors, complements... the choices are seemingly endless.  So, where do you start? I tell my students to think about what drew you to the design originally: what about the color combination do you respond to? What creates its main visual impact? For...
  • Spotlight on Lomond + Alternate Colorways

    Spotlight on Lomond + Alternate Colorways

    As some of you who have joined our Thursday virtual knit nights know, my mom is working on her very own Lomond pullover (and is almost done!). Mom's making hers in the original colorways in Weld (with Fawn as the MC and Charcoal and Red Feather for the CCs), but as we've gotten more of our favorite Weld shades back in stock, I've been dreaming...
  • Wednesday WIP: The Throwover, Pt. 2

    Wednesday WIP: The Throwover, Pt. 2

    Meghan's The Throwover WIP Guys, it's been a week and it's only Wednesday. I've been working steadily along on projects seen and unseen, and some are giving me a harder time than others. As a distraction from those fiber projects, I decided to take a stab at my old adversary: baking bread.  Yes, I'm one of those people growing a sourdough starter on my kitchen counter....
  • WIP Wednesday: Meghan's The Throwover, Part 1

    WIP Wednesday: Meghan's The Throwover, Part 1

    Guys, I might have too much time to knit. Is that possible?  The Throwover by Andrea Mowry 1/2 done! Early last week, I placed an order with one of our new stockists, Tolt Yarn and Wool, for Spincycle Dream State in Mississippi Marsala and Salty Dog, and it showed up on my doorstep just as I was blocking my freshly finished Kuffel.  Several skeins of...
  • FO Friday: Meghan's Kuffel

    FO Friday: Meghan's Kuffel

    Meghan's FO: Kuffel by Alexis Winslow Wow. It's been a crazy few weeks, right? Life has changed for all of us dramatically, but, at least for myself, I'm settling into this new normal, which includes A LOT more knitting time. That being said, I finished my Kuffel in record time!  (Fini!! In case anyone is wondering: H+M Airy Shirt Dress, H+M High Waist Jeggings, Buffalo Wool Co. Outback,...
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