Wednesday WIP: The Throwover, Pt. 2

Meghan's The Throwover WIP

Guys, it's been a week and it's only Wednesday. I've been working steadily along on projects seen and unseen, and some are giving me a harder time than others. As a distraction from those fiber projects, I decided to take a stab at my old adversary: baking bread. 

Yes, I'm one of those people growing a sourdough starter on my kitchen counter. Honestly, I have no idea how it's going. There appears to be life, and I've fed it a couple of times, but it's yet to fluff up the way the internet promises. More on that next time. Either I will have flushed it down the toilet or I'll have some sort of fluffy, sponge-like thing in a mason jar that can leaven bread. 

Day 4: What? 🤷🏻‍♀️

In the meantime, while I stress over my inability to cultivate bacteria in a jar, I've also been working sporadically on my The Throwover by Andrea Mowry. This is the second top down sweater in a row, but the first that has all the colorwork only on the yoke. Despite my best intentions to finish this quickly, the mountain of stockinette in the body and sleeves isn't keeping my attention for long periods of time. 

So stretchy and beautiful!

No matter! Let's revel in what I have accomplished!  The body is complete and finished with a lovely, stretchy tubular bind off. I decided, after much deliberation and cutting, to make the body as written in the pattern. For me, the length of this sweater is a bit short, and I think after blocking this will fit more like a crop than a standard length sweater, but that is fine by me! Given the length, I'll probably style it over a dress.

In hindsight, I probably would have made the stockinette section a bit shorter and the ribbing a little longer so it really nipped in nicely at my natural waist, but I think the swingy, drapey fabric of Forge on US 8 / 5 mm needles is going to make for a more graceful sweater. 

Look at that pretty bind off! 

And speaking of tubular bind offs, check out my gorgeous neckline, as well! I can't get enough of this bind off, and will have to do a tutorial as soon as I achieve some rudimentary video editing skills. 

Until next time! Keep safe, stay home, and keep on making-growing-doing beautiful things. 



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