WIP Wednesday: Meghan's The Throwover, Part 1

Guys, I might have too much time to knit. Is that possible? 

The Throwover by Andrea Mowry 1/2 done!

Early last week, I placed an order with one of our new stockists, Tolt Yarn and Wool, for Spincycle Dream State in Mississippi Marsala and Salty Dog, and it showed up on my doorstep just as I was blocking my freshly finished Kuffel

Several skeins of Forge in Midnight were already set aside for the delightful retro The Throwover by Andrea Mowry, so I eagerly wound up my skeins of hypnotically shifting Dream State to cast on ASAP! I'm making the 58" [147.5 cm] finished chest, which is the same size I made for my Kuffel, and measures on me about 8" [20.5 cm] of positive ease. 

Just like for my Kuffel (and with all top down sweaters), I skipped the neck ribbing and cast on using the long-tail cast on and started the yoke increases right away. Because I'm impatient, I went back and picked up the stitches for my neck ribbing right after I finished the yoke chart. All I did was pick up the number of stitches I cast on with my smaller needle, and worked my 1x1 rib. As usual, I finished the neck ribbing using the tubular bind off for a pristine edge!

Look at that gorgeous tubular bind off!

Here's the thing. I probably have too much time to knit, because approximately one "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on Audible" later, my yoke was done! Spincycle has properly named Dream State, as it seems I was transported into such a state as I motored through my yoke watching the colors gently shift and blend. 

(Pretty sure this was the point in my yoke/HP book binge where Harry and Ron figured out what Hermione had already figured out 100 pages ago... #girlsrule)

After I separated the sleeves and body I decided to give this sucker a quick try on to see how it fit. I steamed it out to get rid of any major pre-blocking lumpiness and placed it on a few long circular needles. 

(Late night bathroom quarantine selfie with Hipster Sheep Popsocket!)

It looks great! I'm super pleased with the fit so far, and, from the look of the bicep circumference, they aren't too big, which is a rather common problem in many pattern graded up for larger sizes. Woohoo!

There are plans in the making for lower body modifications, but I'm not ready to commit to them publicly yet. Stay tuned for an update and I'll unveil either the finished body as written or modified!

Until next time, happy knitting (in quarantine) and stay healthy and safe. ❤️



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