• #WIPWednesday: Sloane's Raven-on-Fawn Kuffel

    #WIPWednesday: Sloane's Raven-on-Fawn Kuffel

    Just after Chart B... After doing zero selfish knitting for...years, I seem to have caught the bug! I started my Kuffel while I was blocking the body of my Cozy Classic Raglan a few weeks ago, and I'm now finished with the second colorwork section and cruising through the final sets of short rows and increases. I'll own a little bit of "widest point of...
  • WIP Wednesday: Meghan's The Throwover, Part 1

    WIP Wednesday: Meghan's The Throwover, Part 1

    Guys, I might have too much time to knit. Is that possible?  The Throwover by Andrea Mowry 1/2 done! Early last week, I placed an order with one of our new stockists, Tolt Yarn and Wool, for Spincycle Dream State in Mississippi Marsala and Salty Dog, and it showed up on my doorstep just as I was blocking my freshly finished Kuffel.  Several skeins of...
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