Kuffel: Meghan's Size Inclusive WIP

Kuffel by Alexis Winslow

My knitting needles are empty. Well, sort of. My selfish knitting needles are empty. After binding off my Star Crossed and immediately putting it on I realized that I have our entire Deep Winter 2020 collection to chose from for my next selfish knitting project. Kuffel by Alexis Winslow is my next sweater on deck and I've been thinking extensively about my color options and also any modification I might want to make for my body type.
As a plus size knitter, the latter is usually the first thing I consider when I'm contemplating a new design to cast on. It is a rare occasion for me to cast on a project without some modifications, which is something I rather enjoy. It makes the project my own, tailored for me, and gives me a little extra to think about while I'm making a garment for myself. 
In the case of Kuffel, I am anticipating the hem line ending at a spot I'd rather it not for my body shape (A is for Apple). I've been intrigued by several sweaters with high-low hemlines of late (like the gorgeous Grey Space, which is in my queue!), making the front a bit on the cropped side and the back gently brushing the tush. I think this option for my Kuffel is the perfect solution, as I'll be able to style it over dresses, as well as long tops with jeans, which is perfect for my existing wardrobe!
Sunsent over San Bernardino 
Alexis recommends approximately 8-14" [20.25 - 35.5 cm] of positive ease for this top, which is a generous range, but I've found that going beyond 10" [25.5 cm] of positive ease for my 50" [127 cm] bust things start to get a bit....excessive for my taste. Especially considering the lovely large graphic running over my already ample bust. So I'm probably going with the 58" [147.25 cm] finished chest for my Kuffel, so it's not too big, but still extremely cozy. 
Look at all that beautifully bold colorwork! 
It is well established that by preferred colors are black, gray, and dark black, but I'm going to attempt to branch out a bit with this design...maybe? Here are my color combos, and the struggle has been real to choose. 

The Choices

Charcoal + Ash

Red Feather + Fawn

Ash + Aspen

Evergreen + Fawn

What do you think? I'm leaning towards Charcoal + Ash, but I also love Red Feather + Fawn, too. Let me know and stay tuned for more on my progress!




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