Knitting On—and Tending to the Flock

This is a strange and challenging time for so many reasons, as many of us figure out how to adapt to "social distancing" requirements, school closures, and a climate that seems to change, day to day. At H+W, we're so proud to support our network of flagship stores, local businesses that form the backbones of the communities they serve and the knitting community at large. It isn't easy to provide a service that is, of necessity, tactile when we're all trying to touch a few fewer things, but our stockists are continuing to innovate their delivery models to be able to make yarn and community available to people safely and efficiently. This list is nonexhaustive, and we'll keep updating it as we know more, but here are some updates on service availability from H+W's network of flagships:
  • Curbside pickup: Starlight Knitting Society (Portland, OR); Maker + Stitch (Edwards, CO); 614 Knit Studio (Columbus, OH); Yarn Social (Kansas City, MO); Scratch Supply Co. (Lebanon, NH); Gather Here (Cambridge, MA)

  • Shipping/online orders: Black Sheep Yarn Shop (Timonium, MD), Spun Ann Arbor (Ann Arbor, MI); The Yarnery (St Paul, MN); A Verb for Keeping Warm (Oakland, CA); Monarch Knitting (Pacific Grove, CA); Starlight Knitting Society (Portland, OR); Maker + Stitch (Edwards, CO); 614 Knit Studio (Columbus, OH); Yarn Social (Kansas City, MO); Scratch Supply Co. (Lebanon, NH); Tolt Yarn + Wool (Carnation, WA)

  • Local delivery: Spun Ann Arbor (Ann Arbor, MI); Maker + Stitch (Edwards, CO -- Eagle to East Vail); The Yarnery (St Paul, MN); Scratch Supply Co. (Lebanon, NH); Gather Here (Cambridge, MA)

The situation is changing by the hour, but we very much hope that you find some time to make during this challenging time, and that your needles bring you comfort as you, as Elizabeth Zimmerman says, "knit on, with courage and confidence, through all crises." Thank you for being part of our knitting community and such a source of light in our lives.


Meghan & Sloane


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