A/W 2019 Closeups: The Brooklyn Hat

Brooklyn hat modeled image

Now that we've had a minute to breathe post-launch, we wanted to take a closer look at the patterns from our Autumn/Winter 2019 collection, and let you hear a little more from the designers behind them about their inspiration, key techniques, and some color ideas (since we love our naturals, but, there's a whole dyed range out there, too!). For our first go, I (Sloane) interviewed Meghan about her Brooklyn hat, one of my favorite accessories.

What was your inspiration for this hat?

I’ve lived in the Hudson Valley/NY for the majority of my life (and I’m so happy to be back now!). One of my favorite NY-specific fall activities is walking across the Brooklyn Bridge on a Sunday. The architecture of the bridge inspired me. The hat's cable arches and columns of twisted stitches mimic the grand arches and suspension cables of the bridge.

Side view of Brooklyn Bridge during daytime

Both of us love patterns that explore new techniques. What are your favorites in this one? Any tips for knitters?

The folded brim, which is a feature I don’t use often in my designs, but it seemed perfect for this hat! My favorite way to work a folded brim is working a crochet provisional cast on over my ribbing needle, so it’s super easy to “unzip” when working the cast on edge together with the top ribbing stitches.

I love the unusual ribbing on this hat—how'd you choose it?

Thanks! The ribbing naturally developed from the cable motif. The cable motif is a heavy modification from one of my favorite stitch dictionaries, which included the interesting twisted stitch ribbing.

We love it in Ash, but what other colors would you make one in?

It’s so hard to choose! There are so many gorgeous colors in Forge, but I’d love to see it in Midnight, Charcoal, and Juniper.
Images of three colors of yarn—navy blue, evergreen, and charcoal

Any modification tips?

If you’re looking for a more fitted, watch-cap-like fit, simply fewer rounds of the ribbing above the cable chart to the desired length. If you’re looking for a super winter-y Brooklyn, use the remaining yarn to make a pom pom!

Brooklyn is available electronically on Ravelry, as well as in print. Pair yours with a skein of Forge in your favorite color and a leather label for a great winter gift for a knitworthy loved one...or yourself!


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