Born in the U.S.A.: July 4th, 2020

Forward, together. 

Our American identity is embedded deeply in the fabric of H+W (“Fine American Yarns” is not our tagline by accident!), and we often reflect on what that means (beyond our domestic sourcing and production commitments). To us, that means both celebrating the best of American manufacturing and domestic wool production, and helping push conversations and causes forward that help bring the best of America’s founding ideas a little bit closer. To that end, we're doing a little bit of both this weekend: in addition to discounting our yarns and patterns (15% off, no code needed), we’re donating 20% of sales from this weekend to Campaign Zero, a national police reform organization, and will match all funds raised as of Monday, July 6, 2020.

As we've said in the past: we know that this a difficult time for many of us, and while we love yarn, we know it isn't an essential purchase. If you'd like to join us in supporting Campaign Zero but yarn isn't in your budget at this time, please let us know, and we'll include a nominal donation on your behalf in our match.

Happy July 4th, everyone. 

Sloane + Meghan

(Image: Stephanie McCabe via Unsplash) 

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