Call for Submissions: Autumn/Winter 2020

Hello, Designers! 

It's that time again! Our Autumn/Winter 2020 collection is inspired by Sloane's colorful and eclectic hometown, San Francisco. For this collection we're seeking city chic knitwear garments and accessories that translate from the workplace to weekend. We're thinking about the modern workplace, which encourages a comfortable, self-expressive, but polished wardrobe.

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Size Inclusivity. 

While our aesthetic focus for this collection is San Francisco chic, our underlying mission for this collection is moving the ball forward for size inclusivity. All our patterns are sized to fit a 30" to 64" chest. We're taking the next step and showcasing our A/W 2020 designs on both straight- and plus-size models.

Thank you! 

We're excited to grow our indie designer base with you, creating a safe, supportive, and inclusive platform for everyone. If you know a design that would like to submit to H+W please share this post. 

Meghan + Sloane


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