Introducing Leonardo the Lion!

Tomorrow kicks off the beginning of Leo Season ♌️  (July 23 - August 22) and here at Hudson + West Co. we have many reasons to celebrate! 

Introducing Leonardo the Lion by our favorite huggable softie designer, Brenda K.B. Anderson! Leonardo is a soft, squishable, gentle lion for all ages. 

The Story of Leonardo the Lion

Once upon a time, the co-founders of Hudson + West Co. (Sloane + Meghan) were chatting and discovered an odd, happy coincidence. They are both Leos born on the same year just three days apart—July 31 (Meghan) - August 3 (Sloane), 1984. They also happen to be in the same Hogwarts House—Gryffindor (Pottermore Sorting Quiz verified!). 

The only reasonable thing for two Leos to do is find a way to outwardly celebrate that they are Leos, so Meghan asked Brenda (the Maker of Muppet-like Softies) to create a sweet, sleepy-eyed lion for all Leos, Gryffindors, and lovers of the King of Jungle. 

Leonardo's Construction Notes

Leonardo might appear intimidating, but he is actually quite simple to make. We promise! He's made in Forge, in pieces from the top down, starting with the top shoulders in CC2 (midnight) with a simple color change for the legs and hands. The sweater ribbing, faux pocket, chest appliqué, crown emblem, and sweater buttons are attached in finishing. The eyelids + nose are made from felted swatches of the MC (gold leaf) and CC2 (red feather). His facial features are embroidered after attaching the button eyes, eyelids, and nose. His little curved tail is created in a tube using a drop stitch technique and attached to his bum after stuffing. His robust, glorious mane is the crowning glory of this regal project.

Need some tutorials? We've got you covered!

Upcoming Leonardo Tutorials

If you've made a hat, socks, or even a simple sweater then Leonardo is in your wheelhouse. Meghan is busy making a Leonardo right now and recording several tutorials on the finishing steps to make this project a stress-free delight. 

Leonardo's Tutorial Schedule: 

(7/27) How-To: Finishing Leonardo's Tail
(7/27) How-To: Attach Leonardo's Chest Appliqué
(7/29) How-To: Attaching Leonardo's Head
(7/29) How-To: Attaching Leonardo's Ears
(7/31) How-To: Finishing Leonardo's Sweater (Attaching the Ribbing)
(7/31) How-To: Attaching Leonardo's Eyes 
(8/3) How-To: Attaching Leonardo's Eyelids + Nose
(8/3) How-To: Leonardo's Face Embroidery
(8/5) How-To: Duplicate Stitch Leonardo's Crown Emblem
(8/5) How-To: Attaching Leonardo's Mane

Leonardo the Lion Bundle

A bundle for Leonardo the Lion is available on!

The bundle includes:

  • 3 skeins of Forge in colors of your choice — the original colors are gold leaf (body), midnight (sweater), and red feather (mane + nose)
  • Leonardo the Lion print + digital pattern
  • a H+W project bag

Here's a list of our recommended Leonardo notions + supplies sold separately: 

Let's make a cute little lion together! We can't wait to see your Leonardos! 

Meghan + Sloane

Images: Harper Point Photography
Model: Harlow Rose


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