Introducing the All Hands Beanie: A Hat + Tutorial Series for Everyone

Well, it's June, and we're...mostly still at home. But, we have something new headed your way to brighten your quarantine project bag: the All Hands Beanie, our first-ever kit, and an accompanying set of tutorials for new knitters.

All Hands is a simple, straightforward 2x2 beanie in our worsted-weight Forge. You can wear it with the brim folded like a watch cap or unfolded like a slouch; either way, its chunky rib and paired sections of seam-like decreases make for a timeless, polished look. We love it finished with a H+W Reversible Foldover Leather tag. 

All Hands is a breeze for experienced knitters, and makes for a soothing, meditative project in squishy, bouncy Forge. It's also a great first project for new knitters, or knitters who have never knit in the round before, and if that's you (or someone you love), we're here to help! Everything's more fun in groups, so we'll be running a little instructional hat-a-long and walking you or the new knitter in your life through every step of this project, from cast on to finishing, later this month. We'll release more details about the schedule next week, but for now, here's what you need to know:

  • Kits for the All Hands Beanie are now available, and include: print and digital copies of the pattern, a skein of Forge in the color of your choice, and a leather foldover label.
  • We'll be kicking off the video tutorial series on Friday, June 19, 2020, here on the H+W Blog and on our new YouTube Channel. 
  • We'll have more hat-related content over on instagram and in our H+W Weekly newsletter.


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