Meghan's Holiday Gift Guide Picks

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

The time crunch is real. It's that time of year where the days are literally and figuratively so short that my gift-knitting time seems to evaporate. Nevertheless, I've pulled together my most-coveted quick knits, gift list for the people I love the most. The only problem is I kind of want them for myself, too! 

For Mom: Sangaku by Melanie Berg

Image by Melanie Berg

My mom is a notorious "asker-of" hand knitwear. As soon as she rips open the box holding a new sweater or accessory she's thrilled and then promptly asks for another. I've been contemplating what to make for Annie this year, as I already made her a Tangled Up in Gray in Forge. Finally, I settled on the gorgeous Sangaku by Melanie Berg. This shawl's been on my knitlist for quite some time, and Weld in Red Feather and Fawn is perfect for my warm tone-loving mom. 

Red Feather (MC) + Fawn (CC)

For Dad: Fulton by Emily Greene

Image by Harper Point Photography

My dad requested a "hat in lake" the moment he saw the color return from the dye house. For a man who asks for almost nothing and has given me so much, I thought the first hat made in Forge was the perfect gift for him this Christmas.

The problem is I couldn't wait to give it to him! And he loves it! It's a constant companion in his coat pocket or on his noggin'. Complete with a H+W Foldover Custom Leather Tag, he's been wearing his Fulton proudly since I gave it to him. 

For my sister: Marin Headlands by Sloane Rosenthal 

Image by Sloane Rosenthal

Cable-y goodness complete with a floofy pom pom. Marin Headlands is the perfect hat for my sister's busy, battle-the-elements, New Yorker life. The brim is nice and deep to pull over her ears and the pom pom adds comical whimsy, which is appropriate for my sister's cartoon character personality. Of course, as she is a New Yorker so there are, um, limited, but sophisticated, color options in Forge

Raven + Charcoal

Hopefully I can pull off my knitlist before the clock chimes midnight on Christmas Eve. Even if I don't there is always our Ready-to-Wear Beanies in Charcoal, Ash, and Fawn for either a backup or front runner. 

My cousin Dan and his awesome wife, Laurén, wore their new H+W beanies in their Christmas card photo. Brinkley had to get in on the action, too. Dogs are the best photo bombers, right?

Good boy, Brinkles! 😂

Happy Holidays, everyone! 



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