Schematics for YOU!

Top Left: Marley by Sloane Rosenthal; Bottom Right: Jackson by Meghan Babin

As a knitter there is really nothing worse than making an entire sweater only to realize it wasn’t what you’d hoped it to be. It’s happened to most of us and is a heartbreaking moment.

While we’re not able to feature our sweaters on a vast range of models like your favorite ready-to-wear brands, we can provide the detailed schematics for all 37 (and counting!) of our H+W published sweater designs.


Top Right: Wildhaven by Jesie Ostermiller; Bottom Left: Ari by Cheryl Toy

When selecting a pattern the first thing to think about (if the sweater is for you) is personal preference. Pull your favorite sweater, whether it be a cardigan or a pullover, and consider the fit. Is it relaxed or oversized? What is the construction (i.e. drop shoulder, raglan, set-in, circular yoke)?  If the sweater is for someone else ask to borrow or secretly measure their favorite sweater.

Glenwood by Cheryl Toy

PRO TIP: Measure your favorite sweater and choose a pattern that closely resembles those measurements. Base the size you make not on your full chest/bust measurement, but with the intended ease required for the most comfortable fit. For instance, most standard sweaters have approximately 4-6" of ease, so if you're full chest/bust is a 42" then selecting a size 46-48" finished chest circumference would fit like a standard "classic fit" sweater. 

As always, our sweater are size inclusive and range to fit a 30"-64" chest/bust; providing full schematics is our next step to improve on size inclusivity and transparency.

Soquel by Meghan Babin

Collecting as much information about sizing and fit before making a decision about your next sweater is key and we hope that this added information help you achieve #happysweaterface! 

Browse all our sweater designs here and the full schematics with measurements at the end of each photo gallery. 

Happy Knitting!



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